June 10, 2020

National Iced Tea Day

By Justin Yeoh

Today marks the National Iced Tea Day in the United States, a perfect day here in Singapore and South East Asia for us to celebrate with our fellow tea loving counterparts, given our eternal summer.



The 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri was where the popularity of iced tea exploded. The sweltering heat of the summer was pivotal to teas being served with ice to the attendees of the fair en masse.

While iced tea is typically concocted using the dried leaves of the true tea plant Camelia Sinensis, it can be made with just about any herbs or fruits. Herbal teas are often a popular choice for the chilled beverage too. Imagine the array of flavors: an effervescent iced citrus black tea, a cool mint tea stirred with a dash of lime or Southern peach tea with a touch of ginger spice!

Iced Tea Day exists today to pay homage to the deliciously popular drink, and it is something more people should get involved with. This thirst quencher continues to grow in popularity, and definitely a growing consumer base for it, both in the U.S and the rest of the world. It is especially important here in Singapore, as exemplified by the long queues we witness at Bubble Tea Shops even during this COVID-19 pandemic. The thirst is real for Iced Tea.

And in celebration of Iced Tea Day, we are ette-cited to release 6 iced tea recipes to be prepared easily by anyone at home. In this hot summer heat, we will need to have our iced teas even in the comfort of our own homes. Click on the product below to view each of the 6 recipes: