The Christmas Apple

For over a decade now, the gifting of apples on Christmas eve is  peacefully becoming a modern tradition. Deeply rooted in the Mandarin Chinese homophones.   ‘Christmas Eve’ translates to Ping’anye (平安夜, the evening of peace), which also sound similar to the Chinese word for ‘apple’ or pingguo (苹果). Chinese people have taken the cleverness one step further and given a special name to these Christmas Apples: Ping An Guo (平安果), or ‘Peace Apples’. These apples are decorated or painted with Christmas motifs, like cute handcrafted baubles.

We find this tradition heartwarming, as it values the intent and thought of the gifting rather than monetary value. Regardless of the challenges that we face, one could simply brighten someone's day with our gestures. In the spirit of this tradition, we present to you our New Winter collection << The Christmas Apple >>, bringing you more exciting and heart warming fruity flavours of the season that are perfect for the people you care about.