N.050A, Kris Grey Crème

  • Kris Grey Crème (No.050A) is the re-imagined blend of our early gentlemen tea: Kris Grey, with the addition of juniper berries.

    Originally inspired by the movie <<50 Shades of Grey>>, Kris Grey Crème takes on the western classic earl grey brew and fortify it with South east asian ingredients.

    Ingredients: black tea, blue corn flower, bluepea flower, vanilla, bergamot oil, juniper berries & edible silver dust.


    • 50 g per tea caddy 
    • Brewing method: 2 gram per 200 ml water
    • Steeping time: 2 - 3 mins 


  •  Caddy with its Box: L 8.5cm x W 8.5cm x H 10cm