No. 85, Kagoshima Kabusecha First Flush 2015

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The word Kabuse means 'wrapped' in Japanese and it is common sight to see Kabuse or wrapped tea bushes throughout Japan. Wrapping the tea bush allows a slower growing leaf with deeper color concentration, less astringency and in turn providing a "umami," or savory flavor. The bushes are typically wrapped for 4-5 days just before harvest. The deeper green tea leaves (in the picture) is the outcome of the known color concentration.

Kagoshima Prefecture is located at the southwest tip of Kyushu, 3rd largest island of Japan. Kagoshima Prefecture corresponds to the ancient Japanese provinces Osumi and Satsuma. This region was an important naval base during Japan's 20th Century wars. Kagoshima prefecture is largely mountainous and is home to important lumber, fishing and agriculture industries. Its natural hot springs and southern location make it a popular tourist destination.

This 2015 first flush Kabusecha from Kagoshima Prefecture yields a deep green liquor with a pure and fleshy taste, reminiscent of a superior broth.


  • 50 gram per tea caddy or packet
  • Steeping Time: 5 - 6 mins
  • Brewing method: 2g per 200ml of water.
  • Recommended water temperature: 70 - 75 °C