Graphite Hôtel In-Room Tray

Welcome to the Graphite Collection.  Your personal tea bag starter kit will begin with the Graphite Collection Hôtel In-Room Tray. It will sit nicely on your bedside table, work desktop or anywhere that is most comfortable at home.

The Graphite Collection Hôtel In-Room Tray will come accompanied with six individual tea bags of our Graphite Collection:

  • 1 x N.107 Colonial Breakfast Tea bag
  • 1 x N.824 Pandan Earl Grey Tea bag
  • 1 x N.205 Tigress Mint Tea bag
  • 1 x N.206 Chamomile Lavender Tea bag
  • 1 x N.86 Jibun Sencha Tea bag
  • 1 x N.87 Iron Goddess Tea bag


Dimension of Graphite Collection Hôtel In-Room Tray:

L10 cm by W8.5cm by H4cm