N.835, Seri Kaya

The Beau-tea in the Vernacular for Singaplural 2017 is our newest creation - No. 835, Seri Kaya. Crafted out of Victor's insatiable thirst for the aromatic Pandan, Seri Kaya is a blend of Japanese sencha, black tea, pandan leaves and coconut pieces.

The packaging label is designed by MessyMsxi. She went islandwide picking twigs and weathered leaves that we frequently overlook in our daily lives to give them a new beauty and purpose.

Seri Kaya (its namesake) is originally a coconut jam concocted by combining coconut, eggs, sugar and pandan leaves. Literally, Kaya means rich in Bahasa Melayu referring to the custard-like texture of the spread. Kaya is typically enjoyed with toast and a Teh Tarik or Kopi.

Pandan leaves has been one of Victor’s favourite ingredients in tea blending with Seri Kaya being ETTE TEA’s 6th Pandan edition.