The Accoutrements of Tea Blending


The Accoutrements of Blending is our level 1 Do-It-Yourself starter launch kit for the aspiring tea blenders. 

The Accoutrements include:

2 x Blending Base Tea Leaves(10 g each)
3 x Blending Ingredients (6 g each)
1 x ETTE Blending Spoon
1 x ETTE Blending Bowl
1 x Personalised ETTE Tea Caddy
1 x ETTE Blending Guide Placemat
1 x ETTE Blending Instructional Notes
2 pcs Tea filter bag
6 pcs of ETTE TEA sachets

Hearing the many requests from tea blenders and lovers around the world for an adaptation of our signature tea blending workshop in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have intricately put together << The Accoutrements of Tea Blending >> for everyone to continue or start their tea blending journey with us, in the comfort of your own home.