No. 834, Ice Kacang


This Christmas, instead of longing for snowball fights or skating on a frozen lake, have a bowl of Ice Kacang tea to bring a one of a kind tropical-styled Yuletide mood to cool the heat and warm your heart.

Ice Kacang, or shaved ice, is a popular dessert commonly sold by street vendors in Southeast Asia. Everyone loves the sweet-tasting shaved ice, with numerous toppings such as red beans, creamy sweet corn, grass jelly, attap chee (palm nuts) and an array of syrup with colours of the rainbow. Nothing beats the delightful and pleasing icy dessert that soothe the throat and cools down the body on a hot day.

As our grand finale for 2016, we out-do ourselves with the introduction of the Ice Kacang tea blend, recommended to have it iced with syrup & condensed milk (just kidding).

Ice Kacang is a dessert tea blend of Japanese Sencha, dried grapes, safflower,
forget-me-not flowers and flavouring.

  • 50 g per tea caddy or packet
  • Brewing method: 2-3 g per 200ml water
  • Steeping time: 4 - 5 mins

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