mai 24, 2020

How to Make a Proper Cup of Tea ? 8 Tea Brewing Tips by Founder Victor Koh

par Victor Koh


Brewing tea can be as simple as putting the kettle and adding boiling water to tea but sometimes we can steep it with finesse to get the best flavours out of a cup.

Below are some of my simple brewing techniques that I would like to share with all of you tea lovers:

  1. I do not boil water more than once as re-boiling reduces oxygen levels and will affects the taste.
  2. I use tap or distilled water for their zero to low mineral content - this will allow the subtle flavours to come through better.
  3. Temperature wise, white and green tea requires lower water temperature than black and pu-er tea. I work on about 80 °C for green and white tea and off-boiling (95°C) for black and pu-er.
  4. The classic question: milk first or milk after? For me, I always add milk after. This will allow the tea to be fully brewed first before I add milk to my taste. Also, if we add milk to the cup first, it will immediately cool the brewing water and in turn hinder the infusion process. 
  5. But how about warming up the milk first? I think it makes it better as it will less likely to interfere with the infusion. However, I would still insist of brewing tea with water first before adding milk (warm or cold) to it because milk and sugar is what you add to brewed tea to form the final product - Milk Tea.
  6. For brewing duration, I normally allow tea (tea bags or tea leaves) to brew for at least 5 mins. I will also try to jiggle or prod the bag during the process. The key is to be patient and let the brewing process set in naturally.
  7. Do I remove tea bags/leaves before drinking? My answer is yes and I sometimes steep the used tea bags/leaves for a second time after my first cup. 
  8. Flavours develops as temperature reduces from the initial high brewing temperature. Hence, I would allow 1-2 mins cooling time before I take my first sip!

The list is not exhaustive but most importantly is to experiment and have fun with brewing different types of teas.  How do you brew and take your tea? Leave in the comments below to share it with me and other tea lovers in the community.

Thank you very much. Xie Xie.