Tea Blending Workshop


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Venue: 333 Kreta Ayer Rd #03-25, S080333
Duration: 90 mins
   Mon - Friday: 11 am - 4pm
   Saturday: 11am - 2pm
Party Size: 1 - 8 Pax
For Themed class or Party size above 8 Pax, please CONTACT US

Programme Outline 
- Understanding the Art of Tea Blending
- Explore Methods of Blending
- What is Flavour
- Practical 1 : Tea Tastings & Appreciation 
- Principals of Tea Blending by ETTE TEA
- Practical 2: Guided Hands-On Blending
- Practical 3: Tasting of Blended Tea 
- Group Discussions & Blend Fine-Tuning
- End of Workshop Q&A

*Each participant will receive their tea creation & an ETTE TEA Packet of loose leaf tea worth S$20.

Tea Guide : Victor Koh 
Our founder Victor has a longtime fondness for tea leaves, herbs and local flavours and that has propelled him to craft out several bespoke tea blends for restaurants, corporates & banks.

ETTE TEA COMPANY was thus created as a romantic expression of his imaginative & curious palate in tea making. His unique creations are culmination of sight, smells and flavours of regional culture, cuisine and community; resulting in tea blends that rekindles a memory or emotion, from just a sip from the cup.