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La Mer Lion

The Merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion on the body of a fish. The icon was born to symbolise the origin of Singapore as a fishing village, when it was known as Temasek or "sea town" in Javanese. "Singapura" is the portmanteau of "Lion" and "City" in Malay, with roots in Sanskrit.

We have created 2 tea blends that represent this symbolism, with "Mer" that means the sea in French, and "Lion", the King of the Jungle.

La Mer is a mélange of Japanese sencha, bluepea flower, lemon verbena and natural flavouring. The freshness and natural turquoise will remind you of a beautiful day by the tranquil sea.
Lion - A potpourri that consists of dandelion leaves, rooibos, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, liquorice root, lemongrass, sunflower petals, blue cornflower and safflower. This spiced and bold herbal tisane represents the spirit of the majestic lion.

The two blends are made to be combinable into one, which we call La Mer Lion. It embodies the crossroad nature of Singapore, a melting pot nestled between the East and West, multiple thrive harmoniously. This is a blend that merge both fresh and bold flavours into something that is unique and satisfying.