Commitment to Sustainability

Globally, there is an overwhelming consensus that sustainable tea sourcing creates an opportunity to make a significant positive impact on communities and the environment. ETTE TEA PTE LTD (ETTE TEA COMPANY) is committed to mitigate any negative impact from sourcing tea for a better tomorrow.

Starting out of a home kitchenette in 2014, we have since grown to have our tea shop, and warehouse to working with some of the most established Hotels, and Food and Beverage companies in Singapore.

Since Jan 2019, we at ETTE TEA COMPANY are committed to deliver sustainable tea sourcing and eco-friendly production practices with the set-up of our new tea blending and packing facility to contribute positive social, economic, and environmental benefits.


Sustainable Practices

Our tea sachets from the Graphite Collection are manufactured in Sri Lanka, produced by our partner who is a leader in sustainable business practices in the country. With multiple green awards, including ISO 14001 and its CarbonNeutral® status, we aspire to work hand in hand with our partner to nurture similar principles of sustainable and eco-friendly work practices here in Singapore. 



Sustainable Sourcing

Taking the extra effort with our business partners in Sri Lanka, China and Japan, we have started to investigate teas that are grown beyond the boundaries of traditional tea plantations. Cultivated organically, these tea plantations feature forest-friendly atmospheres and rich biodiversity which enables us to source our teas with minimal or zero fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. This in turn alleviates the effects of soil erosion which can take place in conventional tea estates. We will continuously review our suppliers to ensure that we maximise the content of such sources in our products.



Eco-friendly Initiatives at New Tea Packing  Facility

Reducing our carbon footprint is the last pillar in our journey towards sustainability; starting from the very first step in blending and manufacturing our teas in our Singapore facility. We are committed to conduct comprehensive studies to monitor energy consumption, to not only reduce costs and wastage but increase production efficiency. Lastly, as we move away from from third-party sourcing towards direct sourcing from tea plantations, we would further lessen the carbon foot print.


Sustainability at ETTE TEA COMPANY is a critical and necessary focus from this point forward and we are proud of our commitment and the path ahead that we are developing. We look forward to dedicating more effort to sustainable practices, environmental protection and collaborate diligently with a host of diverse stakeholders to solidfy ETTE TEA COMPANY’s position as a green community leader in the industry.