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Nian Gao 50g


Nian Gao (年糕), a type of glutinous rice sticky cake, is a must-have kueh during Chinese New Year. This dessert is much sought after during this season for homes as it symbolizes prosperity and good luck. The nian, 年, in nian gao means “year” but also sounds like 粘, which means “sticky”.


While Nian Gao consists basically of sticky rice flour and brown sugar, the flavors and aroma are wonderfully complex, evoking images of dates, vanilla, caramel or toffee. The cake is tacky, soft and sweet in its original state. Or you can have it steamed into a soft paste-like consistency, and cover with grated coconut. Some street vendors deep fry nian gao fritters, sandwiched within yam and sweet potato, to create a deliciously crispy dessert that has a caramelized center.


In keeping with our tradition of making food-inspired tea blends, we bring you the delicately complex Nian Gao tea to usher in this Chinese New Year. Our Nian Gao tea could be in your home to keep bringing prosperity and good luck throughout the year, while keeping your taste buds tantalized at a fraction of the calories.


Nian Gao tea is a red tea blend  Keemun black tea, genmaicha, houjicha, safflower and rosehips.

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